Increase Traffic Through Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click advertising as the name suggests is a kind of advertising, in which you are charged only when users click on your advertisements and are taken to your website or sales page.

Majorly done on search engines, PPC is getting popular among advertisers as it is highly targeted. However for a successful PPC campaign there are many factors that one needs to keep in mind like keywords, bids, target audience, platform, ad content, format, etc. it is extremely important to sync all these factors for best results otherwise you may end up spending a fortune without any results.


The best way to know what works is by doing a test run, by using multiple ads with various combinations of ad content, platform, image, bids, etc. This will give a fair idea about what people like, what should be your budget, which networks work better etc.

PPC comes with many advantages like quality traffic, enhanced exposure & visibility, instant gratification, real time tracking and complete control over budget. The execution of PPC campaign doesn’t end at making ads and publishing across platforms, you must ensure that landing page chosen by you is attractive, complete with all the necessary information, engaging & has something beneficial for the consumers. Once you ensure all these things, it’s still not the time to sit back & relax, you must track the ads results, adjusts bids for maximum exposure & gain, check ad rotations and other factors.

Here are some tips on how to write an effective ad:

  • While writing an ad copy, keep consumers and their needs & interest in mind. Consumers must be able to relate to your product and service.
  • Choose keywords carefully, that are most relevant to your business and with high search volumes.
  • In your ad copy compel consumer to take action rather than just making tall claims.
  • Keep your message simple, precise and clear.
  • Avoid irrelevant keywords & unnecessary information.
  • Investigate what competitors are saying, don’t copy their ideas, but create your own unique campaign.

By using above information you can design a successful campaign that yields high CTR and most importantly fulfill your goals.