Email Marketing

Do you measure your marketing success with ROI? Then this is what you will like the most. Reach wider audience in short period of time and get instant results.

It's the best form of direct marketing as it is economical and generates high return on investment almost instantaneously, best suited for a limited period promotional offer or simply for creating awareness.

The process is so quick and easy that you can send E-mailers every month, week or even everyday if your product or service demands so.
You can choose your exact target market in terms of age, sex, location, interest etc.

We provide high level of accuracy, minimum bounce backs or delivery failures. You can select from huge targeted database and send E-mailers within 24 hrs.

We are responsible for what we do and provide with complete report stating;
″     Total numbers of emails reaching the inbox
″     Total number of mails opened
″     Total number of response

We are one stop shop for all your email needs from designing to execution and tracking.....

Email Marketing Packages