Pay Per Click Advertising

Interested in online advertising? Want instant traffic to your website? Pay per Click is the answer for you. With PPC you can direct traffic to your website where you pay certain amount when the ad link is clicked. Typically the internet advertisement will be shown on the search results page at the top of the advertisement section relevant to the keyword that is being searched. So when the keyword query matches the advertisement’s keyword list, your ad will pop up on top of the section.

PPC is like a sprint where you want immediate results while the other SEO techniques are like a marathon. While the other SEO techniques are essential but take a long time, you can invest in PPC while you are still working on the other organic SEO services campaign to build your reputation and increase your traffic on an ongoing process. PPC is the most effective variable of the Search Engine Marketing Strategy. You can drive targeted traffic to your site instantaneously. Google, Yahoo, and Bing all offer pay per click online marketing on their search engine result pages (SERPs), and

can feed your ads to smaller search engines to expand your reach.

The benefits of the PPC advertising far outweigh the costs incurred, which is why it is such an effective form of internet marketing. Each click is by a targeted audience and hence the traffic on the website is not random. It often yields a great return of investment (ROI) that is easily measurable.

There are two models for PPC – Bid based models and Flat rate models. In order to achieve the best exposure of their online advertisements by bidding against each other in certain niche, bid based PPC models are the most common ones. So the more you bid, the better the chances are for the exposure of your online advertisement. The key to the internet marketing via PPC is to come up with the right set of keywords. You can find out your competitor’s bid rates by using Google adwords keyword tool or you can find this out by watching Google trends for a week or two. You can also use Google Insight tool that is useful when it comes to revealing rising keyword searches. You can also find out the searches per country across the globe to target the regional clients.

One important factor to watch out is the Click Fraud. The Click Fraud occurs when a person or a malicious program tries to click ads which imitate a legal web browser. You should pay attention to the clicks on your site and warn the fraudsters. You have the flexibility of getting your refund as well if you are able to prove the clicks that are by fraudsters.

There are various PPC strategy packages that are available for you to choose from. You need to know your requirements correctly to decide on the package. enKonversations as a company provides the best packages on PPC to choose from.

 Pay Per Click Advertising Packages

Malpractices in Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is an amazing of advertising online. It allows you to pay only when someone clicks on your ad. So you pay the publisher on when a visitor choose to see more information about you.

There are numerous ways through which you can advertise on millions of website online. Some most popular ways are through Google on Google search or on their vast network of websites and through advertising networks. These advertising networks have tie ups with popular websites and place your ad on the sites chosen by you or the ones that have your target audience.

Generally pay per click advertising is on bid basis, one need to bid higher to appear on some prominent places so that more number of visitors see your ad and click on it. Number of clicks that you can receive in a day is limited to total number of searches happening for your chosen keywords in case of search engine ads or a fraction of daily visitors in case of websites.

The biggest threat to this type of advertising is "Click Fraud". Click fraud is clicking on a particular ad repeatedly for monetary benefits, harming a competitor or vandalism. This may add significantly to advertisers budget or can just pass without being noticed. Bigger publishers like Google and Yahoo have devised methods to prevent it by tracking ips. They also refund the charges if they suspect fraudulent clicking. Smaller ad networks run frauds through networks. They hire people across the country and pay them for clicking on ads. This makes it difficult to detect a fraud.

However due to increasing cases there are certain tools and services that can protect advertisers from such fraudulent practices. http://www.adwatcher.com/ can help you in monitoring your ads campaign.

For in-depth knowledge on click fraud please refer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Click_fraud.