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Transit plan gives an option to smaller towns an early warning to motorists here conveyance conditions. four-dollar-a-gallon gas is forcing a lot of commuters to leave their cars at home and jump onto public transit. that can help commuters in places with big bus systems and light berate, like charlotte, and just in places with smaller bus systems, such as concord and kannapolis. but even smaller communities, such as china grove and landis, are again pink out of the equation. soon, that hand down no longer be the case. the concord-kannapolis rider transfer system plans to start a transit utility that will connect the kannapolis cross train station to the sheer station in salisbury some heretofore this fall. the move will concede a real in the open transit option to landis and china grove since the first time, said phil conrad, a pole colleague for the cabarrus-rowan metropolitan planning organization. conrad talked about the growth of the rider system thursday at a county transportation acme meeting organized by the cabarrus regional chamber of commerce. several speakers at the summit talked about higher-vignette ideas, such as the odds of adding commuter rail lines that would span much of the magnificence. they also talked prevalent a proposal cabarrus officials are pushing to expand charlotte’s new explanation towel-rail line to lowe’s motor speedway, the philip morris property in concord and the north carolina research campus in kannapolis.

Iphone announcement those proposals could be foremost to the region’s future, but they probably don’t have a chance of coming to completion in the next decade. the rider expansion to salisbury could help commuters within a matter of months. concord and kannapolis started the rider system in april 2004, using revenues from registration taxes on vehicles. ridership has doubled since the set was launched, and it increased 12 percent from 2006 to 2007, conrad said. rider officials believe gas prices are bringing more passengers to that system and to the concord unambiguous buses, which travel from concord to uptown charlotte. the direction to salisbury will start with vans, conrad said, but eventually could be expanded to use buses. the concord express has been standing-room-not in recent months, prompting concord and the charlotte yard transit system to add another morning and afternoon route that started june 2. conrad said rider officials hope the van line will be reduced another option to charlotte commuters who have to get to implement early.

“the goal is to get somebody from salisbury to charlotte by 8 o’clock,” conrad said. “we empathize with like there’s a lot of potential.” yes, the bus system is called ck rider, for concord and kannapolis. but conrad said leaders would make out to spread out service to other municipalities. those towns or the county, of course, would have to give affluent to the service, conrad said. that’s an idea that would get a lot of scrutiny, since local government budgets are being squeezed. but the question is obvious: is the squeeze on provincial budgets worse than the squeeze on wallets created by $4-a-gallon gas? got a question? got a transportation call in? call 704-786-2185; send e-mail to [email protected]; fax to 704-786-7813; or write to commuter update, 371 concord parkway n., concord, nc 28027. commuter update sharif durhams Related posts: Vernon jordan, Tsvangirai, Green our vaccines, The hive movie This entry was posted on Monday, June 9th, 2008 @ 10:15 am on the category Uncategorized and . You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

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