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Going Beyond A UPSC Coaching To Crack The IAS Exam

Ask an IAS aspirant how they are preparing for one of the toughest competitive exams in India, and they’ll give you a version of the same answer. I self-study X hours a day, and I enrolled in the best UPSC coaching centre. While there is nothing wrong with the reply, rather it is a laudable one, it is incomplete.

A 360-degree approach to becoming a civils services officer includes much, much more than understanding concepts or cramming up current affairs. It is about preparing the mind and the body for a gruelling task that wrings you of all your energy. So, how does an IAS prepare for success? The answer lies with good eating habits, a regular exercise regime, and proper sleep. Let’s explore each one of them further.

Workout And Sleep: Essential Parts Of IAS Preparation

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No candidate can study continuously for hours a day, sleep, and then repeat the cycle without ill-effects. Breaks are crucial. During these breaks set a regular exercise schedule. They will not only keep you healthy but get the blood pumping. When you return from your workout routine, the mind will be re-energised and ready to focus.

  • Badminton, football, tennis, etc. are some ways of exercising while preparing for IAS.
  • Stay away from heavyweights; they might injure your body, which you do not want under any circumstance.
  • Something simple like walks or runs in the early morning is another great avenue to increase memory and focus.

After exercise, the next vital part of preparing for civil services is sleep. Unbroken and restful seven to eight hours of sleep each night is essential. If your body is not getting proper sleep, it will not be healthy.

  • The temptation to pull an all-nighter and finish a topic will be great, especially as the exam date nears. Don’t do it. Lack of sleep unbalances the body, which puts an extra strain on the mind. Instead of learning, you’ll be merely wasting time.
  • When you go to bed for the day, do not mull over the exam, how much is left to study or where your weaknesses lie. Make your rest count. A straightforward way is to not have coffee or tea before sleeping. The caffeine injects energy and keeps you awake.
  • If possible, try rising early in the morning to study because that’s when the brain tends to work the most

Healthy Food Habits For IAS Aspirants

Image Displays the Fresh Green Vegetables.Check Out – here more about healthy food habits of ias aspirants. Sleep and exercise are two of the three pillars that support studying for the UPSC conducted exam. The third is food. The saying ‘you are what you eat’ is absolutely true. What you put in your body during the preparation period will define how well your body and mind works. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Junk food is not your friend. Avoid it. It might be tempting, but it is useless calories for the body that doesn’t enhance mental faculties. Rather items like sodas are full of sugar that makes you less alert.
  • Eat healthy, which means load up on vegetables and fruits. Supplement the diet with dry fruits because they are superfoods for the brain.
  • Do not skip any meals. Also, instead of having substantial breakfast, lunch, and dinner, divide the meals into 5 per day. Each meal should be light. By eating small meals throughout the day, you avoid hunger pangs and the lethargy that comes with full meals. Heavy food requires a lot of blood flow to the stomach for digestion, which makes a person drowsy.
  • Water is your manna. Always keep a full bottle at hand and drink regularly from it.

Stress is part of studying for the IAS exam. There is no way around it, but it can be managed. Good food, exercise, and sleep can help exorbitantly. Beat the stress with them, and you will pass the test with flying colours.

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