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The Path To Beauty Is Long And Winding

No woman wakes up looking ravishing and gorgeous. It takes effort to keep the healthy glow on the skin and rosy hue on the cheeks. For some, it means exercising at least three times a week, and for others, it means hydrating the body regularly. But for all the path to beauty (and making it stay) is long and winding.

It requires effort on your part. Fortunately, when you have the right tips at hand, it becomes easier to keep fit and stay gorgeous. To that end, we rounded up some of the most common advice professional makeup artists and experts give to women to maintain their beauty. Follow them diligently and those days of woe where the face is marred with crater-sized pimples will be gone.

Exfoliate, Well And Sleep, Properly: The Golden Rules

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  • The biggest mistake women make is not removing the dull, tired, and grimy layer that piles on their skin over the day, week, and month. Sometimes all you need is to exfoliate the upper surface of the skin to reveal your beauty. Every day, dead skin cells build-up. Unlike our hands and feet, the face is not too adept at getting rid of them on its own. It needs extra help, which comes in the form scrubs, loofahs, and soft-bristled brushes.

Once a week or twice at the max, exfoliate the whole body. Move in circular motion and apply gentle pressure. Your skin is not wood to be sanded; it is a delicate layer to be pampered. Another method to exfoliation is dry body brushing before you step into the shower. Once the exfoliation is done, moisturize well to give the skin a healthy glow.

  • Sleep is your miracle cure. Research shows that well-rested women are not only alert but have healthier skin. Ladies, there is a reason why it is called beauty sleep. Pay heed to it. It is during the night when the skin repairs itself and cells grow the most, which is why most of us wake up a with youthful-looking skin right in the morning.

Barring the healing of the skin overnight (goodbye UV damaged skin cells), the restorative sleep also ensures that the eyes are brighter and now puffed up. If you don’t want a zombie face filled with swollen and red eyes, girls, get proper shut-eye!

Get Rid Of The Makeup And Drink Up Water

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  • Do not go to bet with your makeup on. Repeat this fact till it is ingrained in you. Sleeping with makeup on clogs the pores of the skin. Sweat, grime, dead cells, and the cosmetics combine overnight and lead to a face full of breakouts. In case you sleep with eye makeup, it can break those gorgeous eyelashes and irritate the eyes.

Always, always cleanse and wash the face before hitting the sheets. Utilise proper makeup removers if you like to go out with the whole shebang on the face. On days, when you are just too tired to go through the routine, put wet wipes to use. Even a simple wipe of the face is better than going to sleep with the entire makeup on. Here – Check Out the benefits of water therapy..

  • Lessen the amount of alcohol you pour in your body and increase the amount of water. Those cocktails might be delicious, and girl’s night out may be fun, but the alcohol plays a number on your skin! From dilated pores to acne-prone face, dehydrated skin is not a good look on anyone.

Moreover, over-indulging in alcohol increase oil gland production, especially around the nose area. Getting why there are so many blackhead and whiteheads on it, now? The tip is to drink as much water as possible throughout the day.

These are four simple tips to beauty every woman should follow, and once you do (diligently, of course) healthy skin will be around the corner!

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