Chicken Nuggets

And that’s what we’ll do. To get this ball rolling, the Denver Nuggets have had two days in a row they would like to forget. Last night they traveled into Staples Center and lost to the Clippers, 106-93. Okay, that stuff happens. So, tonight, on national television with the man of many words Reggie Miller calling the game for TNT, the Nuggets take one on the chin again to the Sacramento Kings, 122-102. A 20 point smashing, bashing and down right dismal performance. Moving forward, can we expect much of the same from the Nuggets or will something click that will help these guys give better effort on the floor? First and foremost, a lot of different scenarios have been bouncing around like sugar plums in their head in Denver. The Carmelo Anthony refusal of a contract and his want to not be in Denver anymore is the main catalyst. So, looking at this situation, could Melo’s days be really numbered now?

Two losses in a row against teams they should and need to beat in order to get a better seed or even a spot at this point in the playoffs. The second half of the Kings game showed the Nuggets just might have thrown in the towel. The Kings mounted a 19-2 run and took the energy right out of the Nuggets and it was like a, “well, we tried,” type of mentality for the Mile High club. Facial expressions were for naught because the only thing the Nuggets expressed was their somewhat disbelief and laid back style. It really must be hard to drop two in a row to Western Conference teams who lets be honest the Nuggets should have beat. Meanwhile, possible Anthony destinations have been playing hard and winning some games. Take a look at the Knicks first and foremost because they have 20 wins on the year and beat arguably the best team in the league, the San Antonio Spurs earlier this week. The energy and passion of basketball is back in the Garden.

The Clippers were also in the mix of teams that could possibly put together a deal for the Nuggets and they handed it to Melo and company last night. The Dallas Mavericks were sneaking in to talk trade possibilities for the highly regarded star and have a premiere forward in Dirk Nowitzki to team with Anthony. All these destinations look good and well the number one team who seems to be in the hunt, the New Jersey Nets, are well just that. The New Jersey Nets. Comparing apples to apples here, with the recent slump in Denver can Anthony’s days be truly numbered. Not numbered in the sense of talking and refusing a contract. But actually putting the plan of action in motion? Something within the confines of my conscience tells me the ball will begin to roll shortly. Now all we do is wait and listen to where he, Carmelo Anthony will be taking his, “talents.”

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